Network Diagnostics Solutions
Providing Greater Visibility & Diagnostic Insight into
The Health, Performance & Security of Computer &
Telecommunications Network Infrastructures


The focus of this company is to enable business, large, mid-sized and small, to monitor, diagnose and resolve issues affecting the optimal functioning of computer and communications infrastructures. Communications Technology Inc. provides high quality products and services to facilitate and support network management.
Our product offerings are state-of-the-art. We are in the business of enabling enterprises to maintain the health and availability of their networks by providing the most effective devices to monitor, diagnose and manage network installations. We understand through experience that the cost of network down-time can be prohibitive in addition to negating the provision of vital services to customers. Network diagnostic and monitoring devices for LAN or Wireless Infrastructures is the core of this business. Providing solutions for our customers is our primary focus.
We Enable Organizations to Establish An Ongoing Process of Proactive Monitoring, Analysis & Diagnostics of Network Operations