Who We Are
Communication Technology Incorporated
Who We Are
Communication Technology Incorporated
Years In Business: 25 +
Headquarters Location: Ridgefield, CT
Address: 415 Main Street, STE J, Ridgefield, Ct 06877
Phone: 203-403-3729


We focus on understanding Customer requirements

We are a network diagnostics device and equipment provider that specializes in enabling network professionals to monitor, diagnose and resolve issues affecting the optimal functioning of computer and communications infrastructures. The devices we remarket to our customer base are high quality state-of-the-art electronic tools that facilitate and support network problem identification and resolution. Network availability is mission critical to companies and institutions of all sizes (Fortune 1000 down to Small Business). The focus of this company is to minimize and mitigate network downtime through the application of network monitoring, diagnostic and management devices. We are in the business of enabling enterprises to maintain the health and availability of their networks by providing the most effective tools/ devices to monitor, diagnose and manage computer and communications networks. We know through experience that the cost of network downtime can be prohibitive in addition to negating the provision of vital services to customer businesses and institutions.
  • Arrange for In-Depth Product Demos
  • Baseline Data On Network Performance
  • Network Topology Data
  • Single Pane of Glass Network Perspective
  • Retroactive Network Analysis Capability
  • Application Aware Network Performance Monitoring
  • VM Environment Visibility & Diagnostics
  • Wireless Diagnostics Planning & Analysis